Grief as the result of homicide

Deverrie’s Mom


Navigating Grief: The Heart-Wrenching Loss of a Child to Murder



The devastating loss of a child is an unfathomable tragedy that no parent should ever have to endure. When that loss is the result of a heinous crime, the grief becomes a harrowing journey with unimaginable pain. In the face of such profound anguish, individuals often find solace in the writings of others who have experienced similar grief. One such book, "Vilomah Multi Solus," delves into the intricate emotions surrounding the loss of a child to murder. In this article, we explore the depths of this grief, drawing from factual accounts and insights to shed light on this heartbreaking reality.


Understanding Vilomah:

The term "vilomah" holds significant meaning in the context of grief over the loss of a child. Derived from Hebrew, it translates to "against a natural order" or "against the expected course of life." The concept recognizes that parents are not meant to bury their children; it goes against the natural progression of life. This realization adds an additional layer of pain and confusion to the grieving process, intensifying the anguish experienced by parents grappling with the loss of their child.


"Vilomah Multi Solus" - A Profound Exploration:

"Vilomah Multi Solus" is a poignant book by the author Deverrie’s Mom, which delves into the complex emotions experienced by parents who have lost a child due to murder. While it is important to note that the book is not a work of fiction, it draws heavily from the author's personal experiences and extensive research to offer insight into the raw and transformative journey of grief.


The Impact of Murder on Grief:

The loss of a child to murder inflicts unique and profound wounds on parents. Grief becomes entangled with anger, disbelief, and an overwhelming sense of injustice. Unlike natural causes, murder leaves families grappling with the senseless act of violence that took their child away. The aftermath of such a tragedy often brings forth feelings of vulnerability, guilt, and a desperate need for justice.


The Long Road of Healing:

Healing from the loss of a child to murder is a lifelong process. Grieving parents often find solace in support groups, therapy, and connecting with others who have gone through similar experiences. "Vilomah Multi Solus" serves as a companion during this arduous journey, offering validation to the myriad emotions experienced and providing a voice for the unspoken pain.


Supporting Grieving Families:

Communities play a crucial role in supporting families navigating the grief of losing a child to murder. Empathy, compassion, and active listening can provide immense comfort to grieving parents. It is essential to create safe spaces where families can openly express their emotions and receive the support they need.



The loss of a child to murder is an indescribable tragedy that tests the strength and resilience of parents in unimaginable ways. Books like "Vilomah Multi Solus" help shed light on the complex emotions experienced during this journey of grief. While the pain may never fully subside, it is through understanding, support, and collective empathy that we can extend compassion to those who have suffered such a profound loss. Let us remember to stand beside grieving families, offering solace and understanding as they navigate their path towards healing.

A Poem…

A.I. Generated

In the depths of sorrow's embrace,

Where anguish weaves its woeful lace,

A tale of grief that softly sighs,

Unfolds the heart where darkness lies.

Vilomah, oh, forsaken soul,

In anguish, you must bear life's toll,

A mother's ache, a father's woe,

A child lost, a love laid low.

The world spins on, oblivious, blind,

To the shattered dreams that you rewind,

Each day a struggle, a bitter fight,

To find solace in the darkest night.

Your tears, they fall like raindrops cold,

As memories of your loved one unfold,

Their laughter echoes in empty halls,

Their absence a void that never stalls.

No words can soothe your shattered heart,

As sorrow's grip tears you apart,

But know, dear Vilomah, you're not alone,

In this realm of sadness we all have known.

Through tears, we see your strength arise,

As you face the pain and dry your eyes,

For in your grief, you find a way,

To honor the love that cannot stay.

So, Vilomah, let sadness be your guide,

As you navigate this painful ride,

May healing hands embrace your soul,

And grant you peace, to make you whole.

For in your sorrow, beauty may arise,

As love transcends the darkest skies,

And though the ache may never cease,

Your strength, dear Vilomah, is a masterpiece.



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