Vilomah Multi Solus

On the morning of June 26, 2016, an anonymous young woman was found, murdered, in a small town city park.

By that afternoon, she was no longer anonymous.

Her mother stood at the front door of their home, her body wavering against the unbridled storm of emotions that come when police officers inform a parent of their child's unexpected death…

…that occurred within shouting distance of the front yard.

As of this writing, the monster who brutally took Deverrie's young life has not been convicted.

At her daughter's death, Debi Fones became “Vilomah", a Sanskrit word meaning “against the natural order”, the now too common name for a parent that has lost a child. There are many who bear this unbearable weight of loss—alone.

Vilomah: Multi Solus (Vilomah: Many Alone), is an emotional, personal narrative from Deverrie’s mother, Debi Fones, written in short compositions over a period of seven years. Her open frankness, and intense visual style of the written word is raw, and captivating.

With startling and intimate honesty,  Deverrie’s mother takes the reader through seven years of unrestrained reality. A trip through the hard spectrum of feeling hope to hopeless that a parent of such loss experiences, sometimes again and again within a single day—every day, when they are;

Vilomah: Multi Solus.


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